Mind Over Matter

Good afternoon, everyone! I can’t recall if I’ve shared the following quote with you from Mark Twain. Kathleen had it posted on her refrigerator for a while, and I remembered it during a conversation yesterday. It’s just too good and … Read More

The Fall Retreat Happens October 18-22!!!

Happy day to you, everyone, and a blessed Tuesday! I’m writing today to remind you of the retreat I have scheduled in October in Western North Carolina. I hope you will consider taking time out of your regular life to … Read More

Love Begets Love

Happy day to you, everyone! From the point of view of a human being, or at least from the point of view of this human being, there is an essence that lies underneath or behind all appearances. People through all … Read More

When It Feels Good to Feel Bad

Good morning, dharma-friends! Why do we do all of the dysfunctional things that we do? I’m regularly fascinated by that question, and I’ll bet that you are, too. Why do we avoid the things we know we need to do? … Read More

Tranquility is the Skillful Ordering of the Mind

Hello, all! Here’s another great quote from The Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius. Check this out: “People seek retreats for themselves, houses in the country, seashores, and mountains; and you, too, want and desire such things very much. [When he says … Read More

The Hard-Easy

Good morning, good people! Yesterday I shared with you one of the practical life guidelines that have collected over the years as I’ve gone along through life in my clumsy way and have learned from the various failures that have … Read More

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