It Feels Good to Do the Right Thing

Happy day to you, everyone! I have a file in my mind that is full of practical life principles, which I refer to now and again for guidance as I navigate the various circumstances of my life. These are bits … Read More

The Three Doors of Liberation: an Ancient Teaching

Hello, Dharma-friends! I hope you’re having a beautiful day so far, and a strong practice day. I’ve just put out an email to the folks who regularly attend the Thursday evening and Sunday morning online meditation and discussion groups that … Read More

Reside in Clarity, Live Truly, and Be Content

Hello, everyone! We have another precious day to enjoy upon this earth, each of us! Let’s not miss it! As you’ve probably noticed, I’m really into Marcus Aurelius and The Meditations right now. Here’s a passage from the book that … Read More

Best Tactics, Best Strategy in Spiritual Practice

Happy day to you, friends! And you are no doubt aware, in war and in other places there is a distinction made between ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’. The strategy is the overall, long-term plan to accomplish a goal. The tactics are … Read More

Is Anything Inherently Distracting?

Top of the day to you, dharma-friends! I suggested a couple days ago that as a sangha we take a good look at our relationship with distraction. I plan to make a space during our usual Thursday evening meditation and … Read More

Our Relationship with Distraction

Happy day to you, everyone! This evening I’m scheduled to facilitate a local meditation and discussion group in West Asheville, which I’m very much looking forward to. The topic for the evening is “Our Relationship with Distraction”. Our conditioned tendency … Read More

The Pitcher Plant Process

Good day, Dharma-friends! Our animal capacity for pleasure is an interesting thing, don’t you think? The other evening, at the local meditation group I’ve begun facilitating in West Asheville, we talked about pleasure and spiritual practice, particularly in relationship to … Read More

Children Learn What They Live

Hello, all! I hope you are well today and having a good practice day so far. It’s glorious here in Western North Carolina, and it’s a wonderful pleasure to me to be alive on this day. I hope you feel … Read More

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