About Seeking Other People’s Attention

Happy day to you, friends. Today I have a poem from you from our buddy Chuang Tzu, the ancient Taoist master. The poem is somewhat about the conditioned tendency we have (in my language) to seek acknowledgement and validation from … Read More

The Way of Transformation

Blessings to you on this beautiful day, friends, I feel moved this morning to offer to the sangha the topic we explored in group last night. As you will see from the explanation below, this is something that is near … Read More

The Reverie Alone Will Do/ If Bees are Few

Howdy, folks! Today I have two short verses for you, both of which I have enjoyed very much over recent days. They have nothing in common, other than the fact that they are both in my awareness right now, and … Read More

Your Thinking Chair

  Happy day to you, friends! The other day I had a fun idea for someone that I really enjoyed (I love having ideas for other people) and that I’d like to share with you. First I’ll describe the content … Read More

Imagine a World with No Selfishness

Good day to you, friends, Yesterday I posted something proposing, among other things, that if everyone within a relationship (or set of relationships) is focused on the work of ensuring that everyone in the relationship has their needs met, then … Read More

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