How Do We Know What We Know?

Hello, everyone, and happy Saturday! Here’s a portion of an exchange I had with someone in the ongoing Five Skandhas online class, in case you find it to be interesting….. The prompt for the day a few days ago was … Read More

About the “Narrator” of Experience

Good morning, everyone! Here’s another exchange you may find interesting from the ongoing Five Skandhas Online Class. This is from the portion of the class where we were exploring the role of “the narrator” of experience that tends to be … Read More

An Emotional Experience of this Life

Good day, all! Here’s an exchange you might find to be interesting from the ongoing Five Skandhas online class…. Have a good and mindful day! In peace, David Q: “One thing that came up for me is the difference between … Read More

Who Do You Believe that You Are?

Happy day to you, friends! In the ongoing Five Skandhas online class we’ve moved this week to an exploration of the fourth skandha, which is “thought”. I thought you might appreciate the prompt that went out to my classmates this … Read More

Yes, Being Present is Incredibly Difficult

Good day to you, everyone! Here’s something you might find interesting from the ongoing Five Skandhas online class….. It’s a response I made to someone who remarked on the incredible difficulty of simply paying attention and being in the moment. … Read More

Pure Perception, on a Process Level

Hello, everyone, and happy day to you! Yesterday in the ongoing “Five Skandhas” online class we began exploring the third skandha, which is “perception”. (A “skandha”, which means literally “pile” or “heap”, is one of the five elements that make … Read More

Awareness and Objects of Awareness

  Hello, everyone, and beautiful day to you!!!! Here’s something for you from the ongoing Five Skandhas online class. This is my portion of an exchange I had with someone the other day. It’s a bit technical, but highly interesting, … Read More

Beyond Concern and Self-Consciousness

Good day, friends! I have another fun and interesting reading for you this morning from Chuang Tzu. This one comes by request from someone who heard me read it after meditation the other morning. Enjoy! (If you’d like to join … Read More

Is Watching TV Actually Relaxing?

    A glorious day to all of you, friends! Ah, it’s so good to be alive, isn’t it? It’s 18° right now outside of my little hermitage, the air is crystal clear, and the sun is peaking up over … Read More

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