“Give Up All Questions Except One: Who Am I?”

Good morning, friends! Today I have a beautiful quote for you from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Maharaj was a humble petty shopkeeper in India who died in 1981. He was also a profound teacher who attracted followers from all over the … Read More

Your Relationship with Distraction

A happy and love-filled day to you, friends, I had conversations with two people recently which were quite similar and that I’d like to report on this morning for the common good. I bring up the content of these conversations … Read More

A Clarification about the First Noble Truth

Good day, everyone! I want to see if I can clear up a misunderstanding about the First Noble Truth of the Buddha. This is something I was confused about for a long time, and perhaps you’ve been confused as well … Read More

Three Retreats in 2024!!!!

I have scheduled three retreats so far for 2024, and to give you the details. Save the dates! I would love to see you and practice with you at one of these retreats, or two, or all three. You’ll find … Read More

How Not To Do What You Don’t Want To Do

I wonder if you have noticed this phenomenon: If you allow conditioned mind to beat you up for doing something you didn’t want to do (or for not doing something you did want to do), then that pretty much guarantees … Read More

Knowledge is Power

Good morning, good people! I’m remembering a friend who was terrified that he did not or would not have enough money. This was several years ago. It was in his mind much of the time that he was bankrupt, or … Read More

A Reading and Some Thoughts on Self-Denial

Good day, everyone! At the end of meditation each day (over zoom – let me know if you’d like to join in) I offer a reading of some kind for inspiration, for the teaching within it, and to set the … Read More

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