Join us for meditation each morning!

Join Us For Morning Meditation Daily

Every morning over Zoom a group of us gather to practice formal sitting meditation together. You are welcome to come and go during these times as you wish--for ten minutes, or thirty, or whatever you like, whenever it works for you. At the beginning of each sit we recite together "The Daily Recollection", an encapsulation of the teachings of the Buddha that David has been saying during the first meditation of the day for the past twenty-five years, including his time at the monastery.

At the end of meditation there is a short reading designed to inform and inspire, and set the tone for the day.

If you would like to participate, simply email David at [email protected] and let him know, or use the contact form on this website. He will then provide you with the information you will need to join in.
  • From 7:00am to 8:00am every weekday, EST
  • From 10:00am to 10:30am every weekday, EST