Should I Save My Face, Or Save My A–?

Good morning, everyone, and happy Saturday to you! The other day a friend I was talking with asked himself this most excellent question: “Would I rather save my face or save my ass?” Haha! Isn’t that great? I chuckled about … Read More

One Process Does Not Lead to Another

  Good morning, friends! I wonder if you’ve noticed this interesting phenomenon: Those things which we do in order to avoid certain experiences guarantee that we will have the very experiences we are trying to avoid. For example, someone who … Read More

“The Parade of Imaginary Horribles”

Someone I was talking with the other day used a phrase that really tickled me. He said he picked it up from a fellow on the internet who gives advice on investing in cryptocurrency. This fellow talks about ‘the parade … Read More

Growing Older–and Quieter

By ancient standards I’m an old man already. By modern standards, though, I’m still in the prime of my life, still in the middle of my life, and, statistically speaking, can anticipate the probability that I will live another two … Read More

“Is There Any Real Problem Here?”

Here’s another something I find to be helpful when practicing with the various kinds of reactions that arise out of conditioned mind…. When conditioned mind has been triggered and is creating a ruckus, as it is so wont to do, … Read More

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