The Body Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Real and Imaginary Things

Good morning, good friends!

I wonder if you’ve noticed that the body doesn’t know the difference between something that is actually happening in life, and something that the mind imagines is happening. Either way, the body responds as if the happening is a real thing.

If the mind imagines that there is an imminent danger to be afraid of, then the brain will flood the body with chemicals in order to put the body in a state of readiness. If the mind imagines something delightful that may happen, then the brain is flooded with dopamine, and the experience in the body is the same as if that delightful thing is actually about to happen.

In order to be kind to the body, then, and in order to reside in a calm, steady, and grounded experience in the body, we need to regulate our thoughts, and in particular the imaginings in our mind. This is just one of the several reasons, of course, that is not good or helpful to indulge in fantasy of all kinds. It is stressful to the body to be continually subjected to powerful brain chemicals that are intended to be released only in response to actual danger and true good fortune. Of course, there are many people who are so involved in the fictions created within conditioned mind that their body perpetually resides in an aroused state. Let’s not be like that. That’s a hard way to live, both physically and emotionally. It’s so much better to live with a relaxed and open body, to live at ease in the body. This is only possible, though, if we also live within a relaxed, open, and easy mind.

There’s something to consider and practice with today if you feel so moved. Be well, folks, and have a beautiful day!

In peace,