Morning Meditation to Begin Soon!

Morning Meditation to Begin Soon!

Support Your Practice with a Sit Each Day in Community

Good day, everyone!

I’m writing today to officially announce the beginning of our daily meditation program. You are invited to join me and others in the sangha for a sit each day over Zoom. I hope you will consider joining in! Here is how it will work:

  • I will meditate on Zoom each day for an hour, at a time that suits the most people.
  • You are welcome to join for that hour or for any portion of that hour that you choose. It doesn’t matter if you just want to sit for ten minutes in the middle of that hour, or if you’re there for the whole time. The point is to receive the support of the community in whatever way is best for your schedule and your practice right now.
  • I will ring the bells for meditation. At the end of the hour I will read something interesting and/or inspiring to set the tone for the day. There will be no discussion.
  • After the reading we will all log off and head into our day—all nice and centered and ready for whatever arises!

I hope people will find this offering to be as helpful and supportive as it is simple. If you would like to participate, just let me know ( Let me know also if you have preferences about the time (and your time zone), on weekdays and on the weekends.

Thank you for your attention. I hope to have the pleasure of meditating with you soon!

In peace,