Two Podcasts about Decision Making and Living from Center

Hey, folks!

I have created two more podcasts for your enjoyment. The first is called “How to Make Conscious, Centered Decisions”. I made this one with the help of our friend Janet. The podcast contains a lively conversation between Janet and I about the ways we are conditioned to make decisions, and the alternative: to live without the need to “make decisions,” simply and in the natural unfolding of Life/Consciousness.

Here’s a link to this podcast:

Here is the same podcast in Youtube:

The second podcast is one I made alone. It’s called “Wu Wei: Being Life as It Unfolds”. This one is something of a follow-up to the conversation I had with Janet. This time I go deeper into the ways in which we may live as Life Unfolding. The backbone of the podcast is some text from a book by Thomas Merton (the Jesuit monk, mystic, and writer) about Chuang Tsu (the ancient Taoist master). I hope you will find it to be interesting.

Here’s a link to the second podcast:

And in Youtube:

As always if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it. Take care everyone, be well, and have a beautiful day!

In peace,