A Bubble Full of Peace

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Below you will find an exchange from the ongoing Living From the Heart online class for your enjoyment.

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A participant writes:

Assignment 1:

I’m aware of my body in so far as I’m touching something, or my breath going in and out and of any tightness I feel. Emotionally I feel at peace—there’s this sense that a tidal wave of emotions exists outside of this bubble that I’m in, but at the moment, the bubble is keeping the emotions out. My mind is much more at rest though the contents of my mind do tend to change, yet I can come back to the present.

I’m content with the present, though I can feel my desires and fears are there, right outside the bubble. I’m not particularly aware of my will in that I’m not consciously thinking about what I should do next. I feel like my actions will be spontaneous and true and I don’t need to worry about or plan my actions.
My attention is on the object that I’m with, be it my horse, or the woods (if I’m walking), etc.

My response:

Excellent and well said! The bubble image is particularly useful. There is peace, ease, and rest within that bubble, and the bubble is a place you can go whenever you’re willing–and you also have enough power in your awareness and your ability to direct your attention to let go of the tidal waves of emotion, of the fears and desires, and simply be.

As you do this work I think you will find that you gradually will be able to let the emotions, fears, and desires into the bubble without losing your peace and equanimity. This is what is needed in order to be truly free. It is excellent and wonderful to have a place to go within ourselves where we experience peace, but if it is necessary to exclude our human experience in order to be there then there is work to do. Ultimately what we’re going for (or at least this is what I’m going for) is an unconditional relationship with life–a relationship with life in which I do not need anything to be a certain way in order to be the peace, love, compassion, and clarity that I am authentically. Said another way, with practice you will discover your capacity to welcome all the different parts of you into the bubble of awareness, and in this way to do the healing you need to do. This is subtle work and takes a consistent application and dedication over time, but I think I can guarantee that if you do the work you will more and more feel yourself integrated within the conscious awareness you experienced in the exercise.