About Reflective Listening, a Compassionate Communication Tool


Good day, folks!

I hope you are thriving on the beautiful day. If not—if you are struggling in some way—I hope you will be able to be with yourself in a loving way while you go through whatever is in front of you right now.

I thought I’d reach out today to share an extra credit assignment from the ongoing conscious relationship class: https://youtu.be/0mLZjEK518Q. This one is on the topic of reflective listening. Reflective listening is one of the best communication tools I know, both in practical ways and in ways that support awareness practice. I hope you will watch the video and start practicing!

Here is a link to the other video mentioned in the assignment: https://youtu.be/BS1rzWxO394. This is a tutorial we made in order to support the Practice Partners program. It includes more information on reflective listening, as well as some discussion of other facilitation techniques. For more information about Practice Partners, go here: https://theoneopendoor.org/practice-partners/

Be well, be safe, be happy!

In peace,