Announcing a New Sit at 10am Eastern!

Greetings, everyone!

I’m excited to announce today that I’m adding a new public sit over zoom at 10:00am eastern time for anyone who would like to participate. I hope you’ll consider supporting your practice by joining in! Here are the details:

It was right at a year ago that I began meditating over zoom and invited folks to sit with me. Since then a small but dedicated group of us has been meditating together every morning. I’m there meditating from 7:00-8:00am eastern time, and people join in as they please and as it works for their schedule. There are a couple people who sit with me the whole time, but more often people join for fifteen minutes, or a half-hour, or whatever they choose to do. The meditation period starts off with an eight-minute recitation that I’ve been saying every morning as a part of the first meditation of the day for the past twenty-five years or more. The recitation, called “The Daily Recollection” contains the fundamental teachings of the Buddha. People are welcome to join in or just listen. At the end of the period I read something interesting or inspiring to set a tone for the day.

The new sit at 10:00am eastern will follow the same format, with the recitation at the beginning and a reading at the end, but will only be a half-hour long. Folks are invited to sit the whole time or just a portion of it, as they choose. This sit will happen only on weekdays, at least for now.

If you’d like to participate in either of these virtual meditation periods (7-8am or 10-10:30am eastern) let me know and I’ll provide the information you’ll need to join in. I would love to see you there!

Take care, everyone, and be well! Thank you for your practice.

In peace,