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Spring Retreat

May 9 - May 14

Hello, everyone!!!

I’m writing in order to give you some detail around the two retreats I have lined up for 2023, and to offer a way to register. I very much hope you will consider giving yourself the gift of one or both of these retreats this next year. I absolutely love being on retreat–it’s without a doubt my favorite amongst all the things that I do–and there’s nothing that beats it in terms of deepening one’s practice, getting in touch with oneself, putting one’s life in perspective, and experiencing one’s authentic nature. Plus, it tends to be a lot of fun. If you’d like to join in, just follow the simple registration process below and I will look forward to seeing you there!!!!

Here’s the scoop:

The Spring Retreat will happen May 9-14, Tuesday through Sunday (a 5-6 day retreat). The cost: $700 for room, board, and all other expenses. The teachings are offered on a donation basis.

The Fall Retreat dates are October 18-22, Wednesday through Sunday (a 4-5 day retreat). The cost: $600 for expenses. The teachings are offered on a donation basis.

Both of these retreats will happen at a new facility I’ve found called The Crow’s Nest. It’s run by Lutherock, which is a sort of camp managed by the Lutherans. In their off season they rent out their facilities for people who, like us, are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to be on retreat. The facility will be perfect for us, I believe. It’s spacious, clean, and new. The rooms are all double occupancy, and each room has its own bathroom with a shower. The grounds are lovely, and include hiking trails that go up to the top of the mountain, I’m told, where it’s possible to access 360° views. I’m excited about the place, and I’m hoping it will serve us for years to come. Here’s a link to follow if you want to check it out more thoroughly: https://lutherock.org/retreat_rentals/crows-nest/

Both of the retreats next year will be conducted in the usual way. There will be periods of meditation, group discussions, one-on-one guidance appointments, yoga, and plenty of time to walk, sit on the porch in the rocking chairs, relax, or just be. Both of the retreats will happen in silence outside of the group discussions. The intention is to create an environment for introspection, relaxation, and connection with oneself. They will each provide an opportunity to unplug from your cares and responsibilities, and to just be with yourself in an environment that supports awareness and compassion.

I am pleased to announce that Rich Ray (former monk, yogi extraordinaire, deeply wise being, and all around great guy) will be leading yoga practice once again in May (but not in October). Rich is the real thing, folks. He’s been practicing yoga in a dedicated way for many years now, and he makes his living teaching yoga to others. He travels regularly to India to study with the masters there. He will be bringing a level of expertise and experience to the retreat that cannot be matched. Here is his website for more information: www.ashtangaportlandme.com. Don’t worry: he’s not going to make us do all the crazy stuff you see him doing in the photos on his website. Each day he will lead us in a yoga flow that will be accessible to everyone, no matter their level of experience.

In addition, Rich will be (with help) preparing our meals for us once again. Folks who have practiced with us on retreat before will no doubt remember Rich’s yummy food, which truly can’t be beat. I’m so glad Rich will be joining us once again—and so will you!!!

In terms of structure, we will follow a daily schedule together that will include:

  • Two to four half-hour meditation periods a day (there are choices you’ll be able to make with this)
  • Two group discussions per day
  • Yoga with Rich
  • One on one conversations with me for those who would enjoy that
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals
  • Time to walk, rest, and just be

The entire experience will be held in silence, as usual (apart from the workshop sessions and guidance). There will be small opportunities for working meditation as well. As always there will be plenty of yummy and nourishing food, and lots of space for reflection and being in nature.

Most of the rooms will be shared. Camping is also an option, however, for those who wish to have more privacy (or who would just enjoy that). The cost is lower for campers. Let me know if you’re interested in this option.


I offer everything I do on a donation basis. I know that some people have plenty of money and some do not, and I’ve found that if I allow people to give what they can instead of charging a specific fee then those who have little give little, while those with more give more, and everything works out in the end.

We will be covering the physical costs of the retreat as a community. I will ask for $700 up front this spring from each person to cover these costs (food, lodging, staff transportation. and a few odds and ends), and $600 this fall. The more of us there are, the less the cost will be per person. If our numbers are small then those amounts should cover everything just right. If our numbers are large then a portion will go as a donation to Rich and I–and I will let you know how much at the end of the retreat. If these amounts are more than you can afford, let me know and we’ll work something out. I’ll arrange for scholarships to be available to those who need them. If you would like to make a donation to support someone who would like to attend but cannot afford the cost, we would all be most grateful. In that case please add a note to your donation indicating that it’s for retreat scholarships.

In addition to the actual retreat costs, I will be asking for donations at the end of the retreat. These donations will go to Rich, and I, and will be used to support the two of us as we each do the work that we are each called to offer to the world.

In order to register, please go to www.theoneopendoor.org, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, and use the donation button there to make a non-refundable donation of $250. I am making this donation non-refundable in order to assist people in keeping their commitment to the retreat. As you may know from your own experience, often once that commitment is made the resistance begins. If you have a bit of skin in the game that may be just enough to help you get past the resistance. I will refund the deposit if there is an emergency or some unavoidable reason that you won’t be able to attend. After you make your donation please send me an email to let me know that you are making the donation in order to reserve a spot in a retreat, and let me know which retreat you’re signing up for.. Once I receive your retreat donation I will put you on the list.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and your attention to this. I hope once again you will consider this opportunity to deepen your practice and share your practice within community. I hope you also will forward this message to anyone you know who you think may be interested in attending. Thank you, my friends, for your ongoing support, for your willingness to do the work of ending suffering, and for being the beautiful people that you are!

In peace,


May 9
May 14