Our Holiday At-Home Retreat Day Happens December 6!




Hey, Folks!
I’m very pleased to announce that our next at-home retreat day will happen on Sunday, December 6 from
10 to 5 eastern time!


I’ve really been loving these practice days. Those of you who have participated will know what I mean. It
has been so good and helpful to unplug from the busyness and all the necessities of regular life and to
focus on awareness and self-care instead—and really fun to do this in community!


Originally I imagined I would need to skip the next practice day, which would naturally fall in December,
because of the typical crush of the holiday season—I wasn’t sure if anyone would show—but I felt
disappointed. I was also aware that for many the holidays are times of stress and disappointment, and so
support for presence, letting go, and self-compassion might be appreciated. And so I figured, what the
heck—let’s do it anyway! If you can make it I would dearly love to see you there.


I’d like to structure the day a bit differently than the retreat days we’ve done so far, in honor of the
holidays. I plan to workshop parts of it so that we may explore together the sorts of challenges that arise
this time of year, and to see how we might get into the true spirit of the times. Christmastime is intended
to be the season of peace, love, joy, and goodwill, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced the ways in which
this beautiful essence can be lost in consumerism and family conflict. How may we actually live in peace
and joy, and act towards ourselves and others with love, and goodwill? How may we practice being our
true selves during the holidays? These are the sorts of things I’m hoping we will explore. And as usual
there will be plenty of space and time to practice in simple ways off-line, to relax, and to just be.


I hope you will consider joining in as a part of your holiday season. In order to register simply go to the
sangha website (www.theoneopendoor.org), make a donation of any size, and send me an email
([email protected]) to let me know you plan to attend.

Thank you everyone, be safe and well, and I hope to have the pleasure of practicing with you soon!
In peace,