Facts and Interpretations


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The Living From the Heart online class is going full steam and I’m having tons of fun with it. As I have time I’ll send out snippets of the conversation for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a little something from the other day….

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My response to a participant’s post:

Thank you for this. That is so how it works. I think the key statement in what you said is this: “It was as if I could somehow undo some failure if I replayed it often enough in my mind, when in reality, it was keeping me focused on the failure and was creating a barrier to any resolution of it.” That’s what it comes down to, isn’t it? It all comes down to your relationship with the self-talk in your mind. We tend to assume that everything going on between our ears is “me thinking”, but almost invariably it isn’t. It’s the conditioned system talking to us, maintaining it’s believability and it’s power to control. If you believe what conditioned mind is telling you then it will dominate your perception and determine your feelings and behaviors. The way out is to question the thoughts; to recognize that what we are thinking is, nearly always, the survival system talking us into being someone we are not, with feelings and behaviors that are not ours. To question the thoughts is, at least potentially, to step back into a larger place and see what is actually going on.

Here’s an exploration to do if you’re willing. In the case of whatever it was that you did all those years ago, consider these things (it might be helpful to use pen and paper):

–What actually happened (what are the pure facts)?

–What was the conditioned story/interpretation of the facts?

–What is your interpretation of the facts, looking back now from the place of heart-centered awareness? What does the event look like, in other words, without the conditioned story?

–How do you feel about the person (the person you were at that time) who lived through the event? Can you see why he did what he did? Can you see that he was doing the best he could with what he had? Are you able to accept him and love him now, despite what he did and the reaction that caused?