“Where Can I Find One Who Has Forgotten Words?”

Happy day to you, everyone!
I have something for you today from our pal Chuang Tzu, the ancient Taoist master. See what you think of this…

“The purpose of a fish trap is to catch fish, and when the fish are caught, the trap is forgotten.

The purpose of a rabbit snare is to catch rabbits. When the rabbits are caught, the snare is forgotten.

The purpose of words is to convey ideas. When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten.

Where can I find one who has forgotten words? That’s the one I would like to talk to.”

Take a moment to let that in, if you will. Do you see what he’s pointing to here? Imagine being someone who grasps the nature of Life so thoroughly that they no longer have a use for words; that they no longer need words in order to get at reality. Of course, we will all have a need for language for the rest of our lives because it is required that we communicate with one another, and it’s a pleasure, too. Imagine being in a place, though, where we don’t need to communicate with ourselves, because we are simply here. So beautiful and profound as a possibility, and something, I think, well worth working hard and diligently for, even if a person only partially gets there.

Take care and be well, friends! Thank you as always for your attention, and for your practice.

In peace,