.What is True Friendship?

Hello, all, and happy Saturday to you!

As you are likely aware, our Sunday group has recently moved from evening until morning. Since the move I’ve been sending out a prompt about group, along with the topic if there is one, during the day on Saturday. I’m thinking you may be interested in tomorrow morning’s topic, whether you’re able to join us for the discussion or not. You’ll find the prompt below that I sent out a few minutes ago. It contains some questions that are well worth considering, in my opinion, in regards to friendship and what we seek in relationship with others. Spend some time with these questions if you want to, and see what you see. If you’re able to join us tomorrow, we’d love to see you there! If you would like to participate but don’t have necessary information, just let me know and I’ll send it along to you.

Either way, I wish you well on this glorious day. Take care, be happy, and do good work!
In peace,

Here is the prompt…

“Good day to you, fellow-meditators!

I look forward to being with you and practicing with you tomorrow morning as usual, at 10:00 eastern. I hope you will be able to join us for meditation and a conversation about life and practice.

The topic I’d like to offer tomorrow morning comes out of the conversations I’ve had recently with a number of people about social life, friendship, and spiritual practice. Thursday evening we talked about the reasons we do not socialize within the sangha, and also the possibility that we might open things up in the future in certain ways such that people may practice conscious friendship together even within the sangha, which I look forward to exploring with you as we go along. Tomorrow morning I’d like to talk about the more personal aspect of relationships with others, which happens outside of sangha. Let’s call it ‘True Friends”. Here are some things you might consider between now and group tomorrow morning if you feel so inclined….

  • What do you seek in your relationships with others?
  • Where do you see yourself attempting to meet the needs of the separate ego in your external relationships?
  • What does your heart want in relationship?
  • What In your experience is a true friend? What kinds of ‘friendship’ are not true?
  • How may we be true friends to ourselves?

Let’s discuss this another things tomorrow morning! I’m very much look forward to seeing you there.”