Let Us Practice What Jesus Taught, Today and All Days

Good morning, good people! Happy Christmas to you, all!

Over much of the world today people will be celebrating the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Let us all honor that great man by practicing what he taught, today and all days.

Let us all practice his unconditional love. Let us love whoever is in front of us, no matter who they may be, and no matter what they may have done. Let us love all without conditions, and, most importantly, let us love ourselves with a deep and abiding love, no matter who we ourselves have been or what we may have done.

Let us live in peace with our circumstances, as Jesus did, no matter what they may be, no matter how imperfect or sometimes difficult they may be. We have the capacity to simply be at peace with what is, no matter what is. Let us practice this peace today and all days.

And let us not forget that we, too, are manifestations of Divinity. Each of us, no matter who we have been or what we have done, are beautiful expressions of the Divine nature, in our authentic nature. The two natures are the same. Let us not forget this; let us do our best to speak and act from our authentic nature, and to let go of the unhappy and disconnected selves that sometimes we can imagine ourselves to be. We, like Jesus, are Divine love embodied. Let us live in awareness of this fact as best we can.

Have a beautiful and mindful day of awareness, friends. May you experience joy and peace on this day.

In peace,