Imagine a World with No Selfishness

Good day to you, friends,
Yesterday I posted something proposing, among other things, that if everyone within a relationship (or set of relationships) is focused on the work of ensuring that everyone in the relationship has their needs met, then everyone’s needs will be met. In other words, if we will act from the place that is the best and most compassionate for all, and if that all includes the person acting, then all will be well.

Imagine a world in which this is happening everywhere with everyone all the time. Imagine a world in which everyone is concerned as much for the happiness of all the other people they are in relationship with, which is everyone, as they are concerned for their own happiness. Imagine a world not dominated by self-centered, ego-centric desire. Imagine a world of real, selfless cooperation…..

What would happen to the prejudice, the unfairness, the inequality, the violence, the ignorance, and everything else that we struggle with is a species? It would all disappear, don’t you think? Of course, we would still have problems to solve on a logistical and material level. That’s inevitable, just because we have bodies and live on the material plane. All of our unnecessary human trouble, however, is caused by self-centeredness. Remove that self-centeredness, and it all goes away.

I would like to live in that world. Wouldn’t you? It’s not going to happen in any kind of universal way in our lifetimes, unfortunately, nor will it happen in the lifetimes of our descendants for many, many generations, I would imagine, if it ever happens at all. It can happen in my own heart and mind, however, if I’m willing to put the work in to make it happen–and it’s a ton of work, a work that requires great courage and determination. It can happen in the community of people I’m involved with if we are all doing that work together to make it happen. I would like to do my best to live from that place within myself, at least. How about you?

Be well, friends, and have a beautiful day. Have a strong practice day, too.

In peace,