Beyond Concern and Self-Consciousness

Good day, friends!
I have another fun and interesting reading for you this morning from Chuang Tzu. This one comes by request from someone who heard me read it after meditation the other morning. Enjoy!

(If you’d like to join us for meditation over zoom, just let me know. There’s a small group of us who sit together every day of the week. A beautiful support for practice….)


If a man steps on a stranger’s foot in the marketplace,
He makes a polite apology and offers an explanation…
(“This place is so terribly crowded!”)

If an elder brother steps on his younger brother’s foot,
He says, ‘Sorry!’ and that is that.

If a parent treads on his child’s foot,
Nothing is said at all.

The greatest politeness is free of all formality.
Perfect conduct is free of concern.
Perfect wisdom is unplanned.
Perfect love is without demonstrations.
Perfect sincerity offers no guarantee.”

So good and helpful! Let us all practice acting on this day without concern and without self-consciousness.

In peace,