A Mind Not Disturbed by the Objective World

Hello, everyone, and happy Saturday to you!

Here’s something a bit different from things I’ve been posting of late. I have a quote for you from Hui-Neng, the Sixth Zen Patriarch, who lived in the seventh century. Check this out….

“When, outwardly, a person is attached to form, their inner mind is disturbed. But when outwardly they are not attached to form, their mind is not disturbed. Our original nature is pure and quiet as it is in itself; only when we recognize an objective world, and think of it as something, are we disturbed. Those who recognize an objective world, and yet find their mind undisturbed, are in true Dhyana…”

Imagine such a mind as he described. We all know the peace and joy of a mind that is undisturbed by what we encounter as we go through our lives, moment by moment, don’t we? We all know what it is to experience without becoming a separate self who experiences. It is profoundly difficult to live in this place, of course, because we so readily and habitually attach to our preferences and prejudices, and because we resist what is in various ways. But if we do not resist, and if we can just let what is be what is, then right there is true happiness, independent of form and any relationship with form. This is what we’re practicing!

Have a beautiful day and a mindful practice day, friends. I wish you peace and deep fulfillment on this day.

In peace and gratitude,

Ps, the photo accompanying this post shows my buddy Amos, who came back into my life along with my reunion with Kathleen. What a joy he is! Just a great big muscular bundle of love.