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In January of this year, I reached out to David to gain more spirituality in my life. In just these few months he has helped me experience growth that for me was unbelievable. I have learned to meditate, release stress and worry and let go of judgmental thoughts. I am practicing self-love and becoming my best self. He has also helped my husband and me with our communication skills. Now when my husband and I have a conversation about sensitive topics we are calmer and more focused at solving our differences. This has helped our marriage immensely. I feel so much calmer and happier. There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey, and David you are one of them. Thank you for all of your wisdom, insight, compassion and gentle way

Beautiful Experience - Mike, NYC

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I have been talking to Dave weekly for the last 5 months. I first took a liking to him when I met him on the side of the road during a biking trip. He pulls up behind my buddy and me with a big smile on his face. He tells us that he took a vow of silence and was a monk for the last 18 years. Having missed the early stages of the Internet and not speaking for 18 years, I was impressed with how articulate and tech-savvy he was. We camped with him that night, and a lot of the things he said around the campfire hit home. I asked him if he did coaching, and we started talking a few days later. He has helped me realize that we are a product of our environment, and we are constantly being sucked into social conditioning. He has taught me to deal with problems from a solution state, rather than a reactionary state. He has allowed me to see that I am enough. The reason we connect well is that Dave is vulnerable in conversation. He doesn’t pretend to have all of the answers, and he doesn’t hide his insecurities. He is the definition of authentic. I have spoken to therapists in the past, but I have never felt the connection I feel with Dave. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing of humanity. He realizes that the majority of pain and suffering happens in the mind. Considering he had 18 years to explore his own mind, I can say he has a pretty firm grasp of whats going on. Since feeling a shift in my mental space, I decided to recommend him to my mom. Now, she and Dave e-mail back and forth on a weekly basis, and she has expressed the same gratitude for his work. My mom and I used to have surface-level conversations. Now, we talk about our insecurities, our willingness to grow, and what we are doing to improve our meditation practice. We talk about the things that matter. I recommend Dave to all of my friends who are willing to grow and willing to put in the work. He will always be there for you, and he will genuinely care about you. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate him.

David Is Very Helpful - A. Smith Miami Fla

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I had the pleasure of participating in a group study of David’s book The One Open Door. David assigned a few chapters a week to us and then we gathered on Zoom for a discussion facilitated by David on what we had read. Not only did we get a deeper understanding of the book we got a deeper understanding of ourselves because David lead us through several exercises that helped us discover and examine our conditioned mind. It was an opening experience for me and a bonding experience for our group. Thank you, David!

Working with David was a Blessing - Magan L, Ga

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David McKay provided insightful, thought-provoking, and experiential comments and exercises in leading us through “The Open Door.” His approach with our group went far beyond a mere discussion of his book and guided us toward greater awareness of ourselves and perspectives and the perspectives and experiences of others. We always had rich discussions, and David “pressed” us to give deeper thought and introspection to the lives that we sometimes “coast” through. It was a very worthwhile experience and gave us all much to consider on our continuing spiritual journey.

Achieving A Greater Awareness - Bill, Hendersonville, NC

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I just wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me to have been a part of the classes that you lead for the UCT (Unity) group recently on your beautiful book, “The One Open Door”.  Your questions to individual group members were so helpful in guiding us to listen more deeply to our ego thoughts and to identify which part of our personalities was in charge when those thoughts were not helpful (much of the time!).

Thank You So Much David - Marianne E, Burnsville, NC

Golden Buddha in Peace

In the many years, I’ve known David, I always enjoyed his intelligence and integrity, his enthusiasm for engaging with others, the clarity and directness of his communication, his gentleness, and his sense of fun. Last year, needing guidance in dealing with illness, I began regular phone conversations with him. What he brings to that process is what I imagine we all long for but rarely expect: someone to listen deeply, to offer suggestions without being attached to their own ideas, to hang in there through the hard stuff — not with patience but with acceptance. The way David models awareness and caring, and encourages those qualities in me, is truly transformative. We can talk about anything, and to feel that trust in somebody is a great gift. 

Thanks David for Your Openness - Richard M, Ga