An At-Home Retreat Day on the 25th!

Hello, everyone!
I’m writing today to remind you that we have an at-home retreat coming up on the 25th of this month! This will be an opportunity to unplug from your life and all the responsibilities and distractions that go with that, and just be with yourself and your practice in a quiet and loving way with the support of sangha. The last retreat day was big fun, I thought, and wonderfully helpful and relaxing. I’m really looking forward to this next one. Over the course of the day we’ll meditate together, enjoy facilitated discussions together, and there will be plenty of space to practice on your own in whatever way feels right to you, whether that takes the form of mindful walks, yoga, additional meditation, or just time to be on the porch with a cup of tea.
If you would like to join us you’d be most welcome. In order to register simply go to and make a donation of any size. Include a note that the donation is for the October 25 retreat day and/or send me an email ( to let me know you intend to participate. For more information about the day go to
Thank you for all the ways you show up for practice, my friends. Take good care of yourself, be well, and I look forward to seeing you soon in Sangha!
In peace,